Garden Design, Installation and Maintenance Services

Garden Design

A well-designed garden, first and foremost, meets the needs and desires of the client. Creating a garden is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. There are many elements, or pieces, that come together in the process of creating a garden design. The following are a few of the key pieces that combine to create a beautiful and functional garden:

  • A palette of plants that will create the desired style of garden
  • Plants that are well-suited to the site-specific climate and environment
  • Plants that won’t require excessive maintenance
  • Appropriate materials for paths, edgings, screens, patios and walls

Any time is a good time to begin working on a design for your home. Since we install most gardens in fall and spring, summer and winter are great times to begin the process of creating and fine-tuning your garden design.


Garden Installation

When the garden design is agreed upon, the installation process begins.  We install gardens from mid-September through mid-June.  Over the years we have honed our installation process:

  • The first and most critical step to having a successful garden is soil preparation.  We will assess existing soil conditions and make amendments as needed to create the foundation of success.
  • Placing and planting plants may appear deceptively simple and straightforward, but it requires an artistic flair and knowledge of the plants' growth habits to acheive a pleasing garden.  We use the landscape plan created during the design phase to guide our initial plant placement.  Then, using a critical eye, we make adjustments to construct the desired effect. 
  • Proper watering is yet another critical step to establishing a new garden.  After planting, we place drip irrigation tubing on top of the soil adding water emitters at each plant.  Drip irrigation is the most water-efficient method placing water directly at the soil and the root zone.
  • Finally, we apply a layer of mulch.  Mulching increases water retention in the soil and cuts down on weeding maintenance.


Garden Maintenance

After design and installation, we work with each of our clients to create a maintenance schedule that meets the needs of the garden and the client. We prefer to use organic fertilizer and pest and weed controls as much as possible. Our maintenance services include:

  • Garden weed control
  • Mulching planting beds
  • Pruning shrubs and small trees
  • Fertilizing plantings
  • General garden clean up