Yellow Crocus

Snow Dusted Cast-iron

Contrasting foliage texture provides interest throughout the winter.

Winter Visitor

Even the penguins love our winter gardens!

Daffodil Woodland

Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus

Crocus are some of the first bulbs to raise their heads in winter.


Tulip Candyland!

Tulips are some of the last bulbs to appear and bridge between late winter and early spring.

Crocus in dwarf mondo

Crocus raise their cheerful faces in a mini-lawn of dwarf mondo grass

Classic Winter Garden Pallet

Showing off some of our classic winter garden plants: (foreground) hellebores, prostrate plum yews, deciduous Indigofera decora, daffodils, (background) Winter Sun mahonia, Acorus 'Ogon', tea olive, and a Sarcococca ruscifolia on the far right.

Dwarf Mondo Lawn

In the right place, dwarf mondo creates a lush lawn appearance that's low maintenance.

February Gold Daffodil

What's not to love about cheerful yellow daffodils!? Bulbs are an integral part of the Meadowsweet garden.

Floating Hellebores

No Meadowsweet winter garden is complete without the Lenten Rose! We float them in a dish of water so we can enjoy them inside on cold winter days.

Sweet Smellin' Daphne

Nothing quite takes your breath away like the perfume of the winter Daphne! Shown tucked in with daffodils and cast iron plant.

Lenten rose with cyclamen and winter daphne

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